Monday, June 29, 2009

Summer School

Today was my first day of damn summer school. Yes, summer school! I failed my math class with a D. Haha, I'm such a dumb ass. Forreal though, butt.;) But yeah, I only have summer for 2.5 hours, starting from 7:35am-10:00am, mon-thurs. It was embarrasing today because during the middle of class, I kinda whiped my nose with my hands and saw a streak of blood. Then the blood started to flow down. I quickly plunged my nose with my index finger and rushed to the front of the room to ask my teacher for a hall pass to go to the restroom. Gosh...I hated how everyone was looking at me! I don't like being the center-of-attention. I feel like people are laughing at me. Thats how I always feel when I'm around people. Anyways, when I got home from a long day at summer school, I jumped on the bed to wake-up my cousin Gimarie, who sleeped all day yesterday. She usually, or should I say "always" doesn't sleep till the early mornings of 4. Crazy...huh? Thats my lovable cousin!;) haha, but yeah, my sister, cousin, and I we're supposed to go to SF to shop with our other cousin, but they didn't give us a call. So we guessed they left without us or they didn't go at all. JERKS! So I gave up on them and took a good, long, four hour nap. Damn...I never had a good nap in a long time! ahhhhh;) I'm currently listening to Take Me Away by Laga Savea and Missing You Like Crazy by Lukie D. I love Hawaiian Reggae and Taggae in general. Its my favorite genre of music, since birth. I grew up listening to those kinds of music besides R&B. I just love the beat of the music. Lol, I call it "feel good music." I play it whenever I'm down. I'm in my own little world, which is me laying down on an island next to a special someone, which I'm currently waiting to discover.;) Ughhh...I wish I still had my ukulele that one of my acquaintances lost! They lost it a month before school ended. They didn't even have the guts to go up to me and tell me...yet not even say "sorry." BITCH, I HOPE YOU DIE! FORREAL! Well I'm not going to waste my time talking about that bitch. I got to go now, Dinner time! YUM!;)

Friday, June 26, 2009

Late Night Blogging

Ohh jeeze! I haven't blogged in so long!;) Well, anyways, its about 1:23 in the morning. I've been sick for a week already and taken some Night cough medicine. Which I had taken hrs before, but I'm not even tired yet. I guess because I wasted my whole afternoon, in my bed, sleepinng.:( But before that, I acually woke up bright and early in the morning about 6:00 AM. I had to get ready to register for summer school because I failed my math final in second semester, causing my grade to go down to a "D." I was never good at math, to tell you the truth. Numbers were never my thing. Anyways...the good thing is that I went to register with one of my good friends, Cassie. She is also taking the same class as me, but was put on the waiting list because I happened to get the last seat. Haha..."Good timing, ehh?" Lol jk...sorry Cassie! I felt bad for Cassie, because we both had to wait in that very long line. I mean it was so long that it stretched from the main office to the other side of the school! Thats how long that damn line was. But good thing Cassie and I came half an hr earlier. Still, it was long. We actually had to wait for about an hr or shorter to get helped. Also the fact that other students cutted, causing the line to even be longer than it was. I hate when people cut! It just makes me want to slap their mother. Lol...naw jk.;) I could care less if they cutted. I got what I came for, and I'm all good!;) [side-tracked] Where was I again....oh yeah. Haha anyways...after Cassie and I were done registering for summer school. We went to eat breakfast and SuJu's Coffee. Cassie bought an Ice Tea and an egg and sausage croissant. I got a tuna sandwitch and Iced Cappuccino, which tasted awful and bitter. Usually when I get Iced Cappuccino, it isn't bitter at all. Lol;)

After SuJu's, I went to drop of Cassie to her house and headed home. When I got home, it was awfully quiet. I guess my sister was still sleeping. I took my medicine, and headed upstairs. The first thing I see was my sister at the top of the stair case. She kinda scared me because her hair was covering her face, similar to the "grudge." haha, scary! Lol...the first thing she said to me was "whats in your hand?" I had the nasty Iced Cappuccino in my hand and decided to give her a sip because I knew that it was definitely going to wake her up. So she tried it. She made this funny face right after she drank it, which made her want to brush her teeth. The cup was still half full of the nasty Iced Coffee. I didn't want to waste it, so I slurped it as fast as I could so that the taste wouldn't get to me as much. I tasted even worst when I chugged it down. It almost made me want to throw-up. GROSS! haha...that was the worst drink I have ever had. I didn't know why I bought that drink in the first place? I don't even like coffee or any drink with caffine in it. After, I washed my mouth with water. My sister and I went to watch a movie on "On Demand." This took us about an hr, because we didn't know what the hell we wanted to watched. I keeped dosing off into my little power naps. Finally, my sister chose a movie. We watched "Bedtime Stories," the one with Adam Sandler in it. It was a funny, family movie. I enjoyed it a lot. I liked how they're guinea pig, Bugsy(top), has large eyes. It reminded me of my hampsters, Nugget and Mochi. ;) Yawp...all-in-all, I had a good day, becide the sleep, long lines, and more sleep. Ohh, did I mention that before I went to register for summer school, I had to go with my mom to drop of our Land Rover for repair. Well yeah....I just wanted to let you guys know.;) Wow...look at the time! I have been on this blog for about an hr. [yawn] Ohh Jeeze, there I go, falling asleep on the computer. kk...GOOD NIGHT!;)