Friday, July 9, 2010

New Laptop!

Hello from my new Apple Macbook Pro! I got her on 4th of July for the college student discount sale along with a free ipod touch, which I gave to my sister, and a free Hp printer! I'm loving this thing so much that I've been on her for so long. Wink*wink*....hahah! Yes, I am actually college bound this coming Fall of 2010 at the University of Oregon. GO DUCKS! I'm currently majoring in Human Physiology but plan to change it to Marine Biology because I'm thinking of going to Med School in the near future knowing that Med School look for well-rounded students and that I've been always facinated by marine life. This is something way different than what I want to do, which is to be a Sports Medicine Physician. Why go through college doing something you're not interested in? But I also feel that this major would best fit my aptitudes and interests along with the same goals of being a doctor in Sports Medicine. Summer so far has been boring. Nothing exciting has happened to be lately except moving to Livermore and having a new member in the family, a dog that is. Her name is Kiki. Shes a toy poodle and about 9 weeks old now. We got her when she was only 7 weeks, too young to be away from her mother and pack. I love her dispite the crying and pooing/peeing everywhere. Kiki has been bitting oftenly though, I need her to stop this habit before she hits her adult stage.

Again, I haven't been keeping up with blogging for awhile. But now I plan to start doing it often since I'm leaving for school this Fall and that my source of technology has improved with my Iphone and a new laptop. So I really have no excuse not to blog. So for now, it's bye 'til next time.

P.s I really need to make up some saying to end my blogs with. Something like what Rev Run does, "God is Love, Rev Run" Haha, meanwhile I'll take that in consideration.;)
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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Update in like...forever

Ahhhh ahhh.....choooo! Darn allergies! My eyes are itchy, my nose is stuffy, my ears are ringing; what the butt is even itchy! Must be me settling into Livermore. I just moved last weekend. But man, am I tired. It was a hecktic week last weekend. Had to get in the last stuff into boxes and then into the truck. I had to drive back-n-forth through niles canyon from the aftertoon to the early mornings of 3:00am. It is scary to drive there at night, especially when your constantly thinking about the white witch. But it's such a beautiful place when you drive there during the day. Peaceful when your alone listening to country music. I like me my Zack Brown Band:) I'm not ashamed to like country music, I don't understand why some hate country. I guess they just don't know good music.

Anyways, since the move, I've unloaded my stuff from the boxes (well trying atleast), sitting around, and waiting on my parents to finish up with the rest. Senioritis has hit me and I don't feeling like doing shit (excuse my language). But now I have to drive 30min to school and home...which I don't mind in the morning, but in the afternoon, it gets a little traffic since part of the roads are one way. But Livermore is great...yet, still waiting to be explored. Oh yeah, I got accepted to University of Oregon! Which I will be attending in the Fall of 2010. Go Ducks! I'll be majoring in Human Physiology. I plan to be an athletic trainer but still debating to become a sports medicine physician but that would mean Id have to change my major to English and go to school even longer. But that can hopefully be decided during my GED.

Well what I really want to talk about in this blog is about my experience today in the operating room. My friend and I got to observe surgery at Washington hospital. It was great! We were actually part of the action! But not doing it of course. It was very interesting to watch. We got to see two surgerys both dealing with Total Hip Replacement. In the surgery, we saw the doctor cut the head of the femur (the top of your thigh bone), and look up closely at the femur as he drilled and pounded away at the bone. The one thing that disgusted me was how the doctor used a type of instrument that burned and cut away the muscle which gave off a cooking smell that smelled like meat when u cook it. Gross! But still a great experience. It was cool of the doctor and the rest of his crew to talk to us and educated while doing the surgery. They even cracked some jokes along the way. We are one of the few and the rest of my adv. anatomy class to see live surgery. I know this could be the first and last time that we get to incounter live surgery but who knows, probably I might be a surgen or atleast a physician assistant.

Got to blow my nose now...see yah later until next time:)

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Thursday, March 25, 2010


I Hellas love Xerrine. Muah!

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Friday, January 1, 2010

Fuck you 2009, hello 2010!

So its been awhile since I last blogged. But hey, a new year has started and I'm excited for the future ahead. I'll be graduating soon and hopefully get accepted to the colleges I applied for. I already got rejected to one but I have more colleges I applied too. I guess it's they're lost. Lol, well I'ma keep this blog short till next time. Oh yeah, did I tell you I got a new iphone? Yes sir, I did last night.:) This is where I'm going to do on-the-go blogging which is going to be easy on me since I'm barely at the computer sometimes. Well...I guess I'm going to head out now. I'm going to go eat, play videogames, and stay up the whole day!:) HAPPY NEW YEARS EVERYONE!

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Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Effin finally! I'm finally a Senior today! Class of "one-ohh" yuhh know, you f**ken ho! Haha, sorry just had to say that. I'm just so excited for this year! Hella pumped! I'm happy with my classes so far, especially my ROP class, sports therapy. Which is my future career. I already learned how to tap an injured wrist. Lol...I'm expecting this class to be easy since I took anatomy last year and now taking Adv. Anatomy. I'm also excited for our internships that is going to start in Feb. 2010. I'll keep you posted for that. But today was also hecktic. Since ROP is off-campus, and that I have it after lunch, I had to rush to there because my friends were worried that they wouldn't get NURSING ASSISTANT since the class is limited to a number of students. This also made me worried because sports therapy means everything to me. This is going to be my future career! So on out way there, I was speeding through the streets as I got on the freeway. My friend Honey was scared to death! Haha she was all in my back seat, scrunched into a ball and was eating her sandwich. Haha, I was really rushed that I wasn't thinking of where to exit. So I accidentally exited the one before the exit to ROP. But it wasn't hard to take back roads to get there. It onlyt took about 10 min. We finally make it. I dropped off Honey and Maridel at the front and went to find parking. I speed into the parking lot and swearved into a parking space. You could hear the tires lose tracsion as I turn into the parking space. I hopped out of my car, got my back pack, and went into the ROP building. As I got in the building, I was amazed of how it looked like inside. I felt like I was at work rather than school. Then that focus I had in that building suddently changed as I looked at the bottom of my shoe. There was gum under it. Ughhh! How could this be! It was so nasty and annoying! I had to go to the bathroom to clean it. But I couldn't remove all of it. So as I walked up to my classroom on the second floor. I could hear the stickiness of my shoe as I walk. Hella annoying! But I manage to get to my class on time. The teacher was nice. She went over all we needed to know about sports therapy. Ohh I even have one of my elementary friend that I haven't seen since elementary school. How cool, he really changed. I would say he got taller and a lot stronger. It was cool to see him though. He hasn't changed a bit though. Well after class ended, I met up with friends and asked eachother how our classes was. Everyone seemed to bewas happy they're class. After that, we split up and and went homeWith Maridel and Honey. I was hungry, and hadn't have lunch yet, so we went to Wingstop. As we waited for our orders, I took the time to twitter that I was at Wingstop with Maridel and Honey. Then as we were eating, other of our friends walked through the door. I was like "you guys got my Twitter huh?" haha, they were all trying to deny it and stuff, but they finally confessed. But yeah we just chilled, talked, eat, and went home. I dropped of Maridel home and back to my house. I told my sister about my classes, changed, and went to take a nap on my bed. I then woke up sweating cuz it was so damn hot today and went school supply shopping with sister and mom. We got binders and stuff. Lol you know...stuff.:). But when we were a block away from our house, I forgot to tell my mom that we had to go buy tortillias for dinner tonight. But she was lazy, so I had to drive to the grocery store with my sister. I speeded to and from the grocery. So we ate dinner, got a call from Cassie, brushed my teeth, and currently iced my neck. It really hurts! I think I slept hella wrong. Lol, but anyways, it's getting hella late and I got school tomorrow. So I'll get on my way to bed now. Late.
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Monday, August 31, 2009

Relay for Life 2009

On Saturday, I went to Relay for Life @ James Logan High School in Union City. This was my first Relay for Life and I really enjoyed myself! But it was really damn hot! When my friends and I got there, all we did was just sit under our canopy and watch otheres. But we chattered about our summer and caught up with since we didn't see eachother since summer started. That's all we did till the heat calmed down. When the weather was good and cool, we set up our tents and chairs, and relaxed. We threw around a football which turned to a game of football and played truth or dare which then turned into just "dare." My dare was to go into a tent and ask "if I could sleep with them tonight." Surprisingly, I did the dare to this one girl in my school. When I did my dare, she looked at me and smiled then said "no." haha atleast she took it nicely. Well anyways the sun then slowly started setting and we just jammed to my friends ukulele. We danced to the dj's music and then others start following. Lol, copy cats. The coolest thing we did was to sneak into the high school at midnight and play a game of "sardines." It was fun
and scary at the same time because there was barely no lights and the school was so damn big! There were stairs that lead to darkness. Ughh scary! Haha it was fun though just waiting until we were discovered and found by security or the staff. Our game then ended with a phone call from my friend saying that the staff was looking for us and that we needed to come back. Xerrine and I effin dipped! We ran for our lifes! It took us less than a minute to crawl under the gates and back on the field. Phewww... Crazy! Haha it's a story to tell to friends who didn't stay over to sleep. Uhhh....Oh yeah, we stayed up and watch the sun rise. But it wasn't easy. My friends were there to wake me up just incase I fell asleep. I kinda gave in and snoozed alittle. But had friends to wake the shit out of me. Lol...most of us became crazy and started shouting out random crap and played with marde gra beads we recieved from the laps we ran and walk earlier. To wake our shits up, we played stupid games we made up like raced in our sleeping bags and ran I to eachother with our sleeping bags. It was actually kinda fun! It did the job though. We stayed up till 9:00 in the morning. This was my first time watching the sun rise from behind the mountains and staying up all night! Crazy sauce! Haha...never heard that in a long time.:) Well my friend Eric and I packed our stuff and put it in the car. I'm glad we didn't have a tent, I would have been lazy to put everything together. Haha planning to sleep outside in the cold was good idea! Hehe well anyways, once we were driving home, I was already falling asleep and had the terrible cases of what i like to call the "rockstar." lol it's when your falling asleep and your head starts falling down and then up in a repetative motion, having the effect of a rock person going crazy on stage. Get what I'm saying? Kk good...well once I got home, I turned on the tv and fell asleep the whole day for 9 hours, and went to my families new house in San Jose. Not to far from their old house. But it really nice because it's in the hills and you can see the sunset. Lol I plan to buy a longboard soon and start ripping the th roads. Hey, I think I know what I want for my birthday next month which is starting tomorrow. Yeee! Well anyways, i had fun at Relay for Life. It was great to see how many people were there to support people with cancer. I hope to do this again soon. Maybe with my own team. Haha ok well sorry if this blog seems so unorganized. I wish I could tell you more in detail but I'm still kinda tired and feel hecka lazy. I just want this blog to be out there. Well I've been holding my pee for about 30 min within typing his blog. Kk see yah later, alligator!

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Te Mau Tamari’i A Tiare / Na Kamali’i A Kiele

Omg! What the he'll! I spent about an hr to write this blog and it was all erased! Damn, I have to start all over. Kk i should stop complaining and get back to work

So yesterday, my cousin, sister and I went to my Aunty Kristine's hula and tahiti performance down at St. Mary's Cathedral in San Francisco. It was beautiful to watch. You know me! I'm all about Hawaiian!:) but our adventure didn't start there, but on our way there.

Gimarie, chessy, and I took union city bart to SF around 3:35pm and got there about around 4. When we got outside, it was freezing cold! I was only wearing jeans, vans, and a white v-neck undershirt. Bad idea, I know. But once we got moving, Gimarie was already trippin. She thought that we were going to get lost. But we didn't, we just headed the wrong direction. Eventually we got back on the right path and it was smooth sailing from there. On our way there, we passed by the city hall, asian museum, University of california, and other things you would see in SF. It was cool to see till we went through the ghetto. This is where we found homeless people, ghetto people, and prostitutes! Ewe how weird. Lol it was scary to see. But we survived. We learned to keep our heads between our crotches and walk. Haha talented huh? Lol but when we finally got there after a 23 min walk on leveled and incline roads, we were releaved to find Aunty Kristine and her friend Aunty Emily. I was also happy to find food such as nachos, hot dogs, spam musubi, school kine cookies, and Hawaiian desserts. My cousin Gimarie was grubben on food.:) About an hour has passes till the doors finally opened because my Aunty Kristine said that Kumu was crying with tears of happiness. nice! By the time the lights dimed and the colorful lights filled the room. I was already on the edge of my seat ready to watch the performance. The room was filled with so many people who cheered for they're loved ones as they performed. There was so much love and spirit that night, that I was about to jump up and dance myself.:) towards the end of the night we packed up and headed out. Gimarie, chessy, and I went to aunty kristine's car and put the stuff in the trunk. Then I went back to the church and got the mirror and my favorite little cousin, Angeline. I walked her to the car and got her seated in her carseat and closed the door to put the mirror in the trunk. While I was fixing the trunk to make room for the mirror, Gimarie trys to be funny and screams at Angeline. Angeline then starts balling in tears. I then, as the responsible one, try calming her down and eventually got her to stop after 2 mins of crying. I was releaved she stopped crying before her mommy came hoping that she would find out. But amazingly, Angeline tells her mom and starts laughing. But my aunty didn't care I guess. It was harmless. So we got out things together and start driving home. We were stuck in traffic for while so we all talked about the night and family and headed to In n' out to grab some grub, but for my aunty. Haha she was starving! She ate her animal style fries with her hands while Gimarie held it for her as she drove to drop us off at my house. We got home at 12:30am and ate dinner later. After dinner, Gimarie packed her belongings and we got I my car and headed to her houses, in Milpitas, to drop her off home. On our way there, past through the residential area, about 200 ft away from my house, we pasted by a big, fat possum who was infront of us and didn't bother to stop and walked across the street. Luckly I didn't hit it, but Gimarie and I were like grossed out and we were talking about how ugly possums are then about 50 ft whithin my drive another possum popped out from the dark, infront and toward my car. I swearer out of the way hoping not to run over it. Gimarie and I were screaming our heads off. My heart was racing! We almost had a heart attack! Ughhh I hate possums! Lol that got us going to our one-on-one conversation. Finally, we got to her house in only 15-20min. I siad by to her, gave her a hug, and drove back home. I was craving something to drink so I looked at the time and it was 1:15am. So I was wondering what stores were open at that time, and I was like " In n' out!" Lol I grabbed a strawberry milk shake which Gimarie got earlier when we went to In n' Out. Then I headed home. I got home almost 2 am. I was very tired so I bruses my teeth, changed into basketball shorts and went to sleep. I didn't wake up till 11 something. My schedule today is to go back school shopping and go to my friend, Maridel's house to make costumes for our freshman orientation. So I'll be going now, I smell home cookin! Mhmmmm!

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