Monday, August 31, 2009

Relay for Life 2009

On Saturday, I went to Relay for Life @ James Logan High School in Union City. This was my first Relay for Life and I really enjoyed myself! But it was really damn hot! When my friends and I got there, all we did was just sit under our canopy and watch otheres. But we chattered about our summer and caught up with since we didn't see eachother since summer started. That's all we did till the heat calmed down. When the weather was good and cool, we set up our tents and chairs, and relaxed. We threw around a football which turned to a game of football and played truth or dare which then turned into just "dare." My dare was to go into a tent and ask "if I could sleep with them tonight." Surprisingly, I did the dare to this one girl in my school. When I did my dare, she looked at me and smiled then said "no." haha atleast she took it nicely. Well anyways the sun then slowly started setting and we just jammed to my friends ukulele. We danced to the dj's music and then others start following. Lol, copy cats. The coolest thing we did was to sneak into the high school at midnight and play a game of "sardines." It was fun
and scary at the same time because there was barely no lights and the school was so damn big! There were stairs that lead to darkness. Ughh scary! Haha it was fun though just waiting until we were discovered and found by security or the staff. Our game then ended with a phone call from my friend saying that the staff was looking for us and that we needed to come back. Xerrine and I effin dipped! We ran for our lifes! It took us less than a minute to crawl under the gates and back on the field. Phewww... Crazy! Haha it's a story to tell to friends who didn't stay over to sleep. Uhhh....Oh yeah, we stayed up and watch the sun rise. But it wasn't easy. My friends were there to wake me up just incase I fell asleep. I kinda gave in and snoozed alittle. But had friends to wake the shit out of me. Lol...most of us became crazy and started shouting out random crap and played with marde gra beads we recieved from the laps we ran and walk earlier. To wake our shits up, we played stupid games we made up like raced in our sleeping bags and ran I to eachother with our sleeping bags. It was actually kinda fun! It did the job though. We stayed up till 9:00 in the morning. This was my first time watching the sun rise from behind the mountains and staying up all night! Crazy sauce! Haha...never heard that in a long time.:) Well my friend Eric and I packed our stuff and put it in the car. I'm glad we didn't have a tent, I would have been lazy to put everything together. Haha planning to sleep outside in the cold was good idea! Hehe well anyways, once we were driving home, I was already falling asleep and had the terrible cases of what i like to call the "rockstar." lol it's when your falling asleep and your head starts falling down and then up in a repetative motion, having the effect of a rock person going crazy on stage. Get what I'm saying? Kk good...well once I got home, I turned on the tv and fell asleep the whole day for 9 hours, and went to my families new house in San Jose. Not to far from their old house. But it really nice because it's in the hills and you can see the sunset. Lol I plan to buy a longboard soon and start ripping the th roads. Hey, I think I know what I want for my birthday next month which is starting tomorrow. Yeee! Well anyways, i had fun at Relay for Life. It was great to see how many people were there to support people with cancer. I hope to do this again soon. Maybe with my own team. Haha ok well sorry if this blog seems so unorganized. I wish I could tell you more in detail but I'm still kinda tired and feel hecka lazy. I just want this blog to be out there. Well I've been holding my pee for about 30 min within typing his blog. Kk see yah later, alligator!

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