Sunday, August 16, 2009


Ohh my gosh! Well, today coming home from Santana Row with family and going to family friends house, my cousin Raymund and I decided to go to Luckys to buy my hair gel because I ran out and I need it for tomorrows Senior Picture. But yeah, after coming back from the store, my aunty goes "where did you guys go?" Raymund jokingly says "oh, Gifford went to buy Condoms." Then my aunty also jokes around and says to my mom, "ewww, Gifford went to buy condoms!" My mom then replys, "Gifford, you don't need a condom for your finger." My cousin Raymund and I were bursting in tears. Oh gosh...I can't believe my mom said that lol. I never knew she had such language! She is too comfortable around me. LOl, she thinks she like one of the guys or something. Haha, but its all cool, I'll get back at her.;)

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