Saturday, August 8, 2009

New Camera

Just last night my sister got her dream camera, the infamous NIKON D5000. Oh, cost jajajajaj MUCH! I'm talking about like a birthday gift for the next 2 years and so on. But, takes some pretty nice pics. It made me think. Could I fall into one of my short time interest/hobbies. Well, mayybee?!? But my sister and I played with that camera all night and today as well. I can't get over how close it comes to an actually professional camera. I'm not a camera whiz but an average professional cameras megapixel ranges from 34.0 and up. Ours is 12. somthing. lol, still good for an average $800 + camera. Haha, opps gave out the price, lol. OHH YEAH, my family and I are going to the beach tomorrow morning, around 6:00 at Carmel, CA. I can't wait to use my sisters camera and especially swimming in the ocean.:) I'll have photos posted soon, I have to mark it with copyright so no one will steal my shit. KK thanks. later!

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  1. i didnt know you could post pictures in your blogs!!