Thursday, August 6, 2009

I'm hella JUICED!

Summer school is officially over! I just ended like an hour ago. But man, it felt geewwd!;) All I did on my last day of summer school is play card games with friends. It sure made time fly hella fast. I'M HELLA JUICED! Ughh...I can't get over the fact that my summer has officially started for me! It didn't hit me til now! lol, it makes me want to like run naked around the neighborhood! Rofl, highlight of my day so far was on my way home with my friend, HONEY. She is such a funny person. Well, on our way home, we were talking about the movie "Marley and Me," how it was such a sad movie. I wish I had a dog.;( But like, yeah, the topic then suddently changed into hampsters. She talked about how she used to have two hampsters, one female and one male, back in elementary school. In my head I was like "OMG! I HAVE TWO HAMPSTERS TOO!" Well one now, since my other hampster died.;( But, anyways, Honey talked about how her hampsters had seven little pups and how her mind was still in the beginning stages of adolescences. Hahah....she was like "yeah I remember how I thought the mother hampster was cleaning the little pups but she was actually eating them." I was like "what the hell?" Then she told me that she searched up if hampsters really eat there babies. OMG! AND THEY DO! Because if a human touches or carries the pups. The hampster can smell the human scent which makes them mistaken the there pups as humans. How stupid right? Lol...She goes on tell her hampster story and then suddently gets disgusted and starts squealing. ROFL....I start laughing my ass off. Then I told her my story about my hampster and how it died.

So like, first of all, the hampster isn't my responsibility. It's my sisters. So like couple days after my sister and cousin buried it in the backyard, we decided one day we would revisit it with my other cousins, and that one day we did. When we went to the backyard to see Mochi's grave, we found a big hole where Mochi was buried. MOCHI WAS GONE! Our mouths dropped with disbelief. In a crude, mean way...we started laughing. I know its not funny but its those times where your in disbelief and all you can do is laugh. lol...bad, i know. But yeah, prob the stray cats in our backyard dug up Mochi and ate it. Gross! But like each day we would find bits of Mochi's body appearing in the hole. From the legs, to the torso, and then the dismantled head. Rofl, when I reach too this part of the story to my friend Honey, she starts screaming! HELLA LOUD! Like scary loud! I kinda jolt in my seat, and almost slammed my breaks. Honey then hits me hella hard telling me to "shut-up" and starts screaming even louder and louder. Haha...I was freakin out! funny! I was like " your story about your hampsters is grosser than my hampster story." When I thought nothing can get any ended shortly by dropping her off home. Booo....I wish we had more time to laugh about this. Well thats all I got to say about my day so far. Oh my best friend MARIDEL came home yesterday from her 2 week trip to Germany. We could hang out now! lol...well natures calling. Got to drop the kids off to the pool. Later!;)

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