Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mochi Died!

As always, my day starts out with me waking up in the morning at 6 o'clock. I take a shower, change, eat breakfast, and then I'm out the door on my way to summer school. I thought my day couldn't get any better since today was the end of summer school this week and that I only have three more weeks left till I have the rest off. I was wrong...I had to take a large massive shit, so I ask my teacher to use the restroom. So I walk to the nearest restroom but someone was already doing they're business. Then I went to the other nearest restroom and also found a person doing they're business which was very distinct, with all the moans and grunts. So I was like, "Forget it, I think I have to just stick it out till after school," then I head my tight ass back to class. I stuck it for about and hour till I had a really bad stomach ache which made me sit on the edge of my seat, sweating. I got up, squeezed my ass, and got up to the class to ask my teacher(who I don't know the name to) if I could use the restroom. I walked out with relief and quickly ran to the first restroom nearest to the classroom. What I found was the same damn person from an hour ago! I bet they were ditching class, dumb kids! Anyways, then I walked to the other restroom. Once I opened the door, I noticed the stall was open, meaning that no one was occupying it! So I got in, closed and lock the stall and faced the toilet. What I found on the ground was blood on the floor, pee on the seat, and no paper tissues or toilet covers! WHAT THE HECK! I was so mad at this point, that I could just take a dump on the freakin floor! I don't know why each bathroom only has one stall! AGAIN, WHAT THE HECK! All I could do is go back to class and hold in my shit for another hour.

An hour has passed, and I was relieved! I jumped in my car and speeded away. When I stopped at the stop light before my street, I looked at my phone and noticed I had two text messages from my cousin which said "Yoo MOCHI IS DEAD no joke dude." I didn't believe it at the time, but then I looked at my other text message from her which had a picture of Mochi in a pile of dirt. In my head I was like "this better not be a joke, cuz I ain't laughing!" So as soon as I opened the garage, my cousin and sister run through the garage door and shouts "Mochi is dead!" Then reality sets in...Mochi is really dead.;( I asked what happened and my sister said she didn't refill the water and Mochi was probly dead for day because of the odor. I went to the sight where they buried Mochi. It was sad looking at the pile of dirt where Mochi is currently lying to this very day. I won't forget Mochi, she was so younge. I will always remember how it would always run on its wheel for hours, so fast that the wheel would shake like crazy. My cousin Gimarie would always say "DANG, Mochi is on crack." Oh yeah, I will also remember how she was our first hamster and that no one could ever hold her because she would always bite. This experience has taught me to never let another life slip away from your own life. Now that my sister learned her lesson, she is going to take extra care of our other hamster named "Nugger." Well got to go now, I smell KFC! R.I.P MOCHI

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  1. awe lol its ok, i used to have a dwarf hamster which kept biting me that died, and then a teddy bear hamster that was nice that died too. after that im like fuck it, they dont last very long...
    and you cant even walk them with a leash or anything either!

    but omg i was literally laughing out loud reading about your shit story during summer school!! ahhahahah