Saturday, July 4, 2009

(continue) 4th of July Weekend Day 1

FINALLY, I arrived at my families house in Oxnard, Ca around 3;30 in the morning. The drive was about a grueling 5 hours. It seemed liked forever to get here, probably because I couldn't see anything but darkness on my way here. But we made it, safely! The first thing that I did when we got here is jump in the pre-made bed on the floor. What else can you do at 3 in the morning? It was sure hard but it works for me! My sister, cousin, and I talk a bit and then I was the first to fall asleep. I'm always the first person out of us three to fall asleep. Anyways, All of us, including my mom, woke up not until the early noon time to eat breakfast. I see that my dad was the only one who actually didn't go to sleep, but stayed to chill with my uncle. Haha...I think its wierd that I call my grandpa "uncle" and my grandma "aunty," the fact that they aren't close to be that old and that they have two kids who I also call "aunty" and "uncle." But I'm not the only one! So anyways, the breakfast was good! We had rice, eggs, bacon, and tacino. I think thats how you spell it? Well tacino is a type of filipino food that is a very sweet meat. It almost taste like candy. haha, gross; but good! After we ate, we decided to watch t.v. I noticed that I was still tired, so I took a quick power nap on the couch. My power nap was about 3 hours, which is too long to be called a "power nap.";) But it was a good nap though. I woke up to the breeze from outside and the sun hitting my face. At this time, I thought everyone would be awake, but my "uncle" and "aunty" weren't. So we decided to go up stairs to wake they're asses up. First we went to wake up my aunty Rachel. She was woken by the door opening while we were coming in. We talked a bit and asked "what was new in our lifes." Everything was pretty much the same in my life so far. Haha...I had nothing exciting to share about my life. Anyways, while we were talking our uncle Mark came in through the door with this sudden facial expression that seem that he had just woken up. Lol...we talked a bit and he watched t.v with us. I got pretty boring for awhile so my aunty went to take a shower. Haha, its funny because my aunty always and has to start her day by taking a shower. Shes always taking a shower every day, which is good but she takes like three in one day. Also, she takes long showers. Damn, I could use that water for swimming! After she took a shower, we went down stairs to chill while my aunty and uncle ate. We watched even more t.v. I didn't think my day could get any boring-er. ;) I really hate the mornings in fact. Theres really nothing to do in the morning. I'm those type of people who can't stop moving, I just have to do something to occupy myself. So I asked my sister to play basketball with me outside in the backyard. I really suck at basketball! But it doesn't mean I don't like playing the sport. We played till I started sweating. Which I do constanly everyday. Once we were about to finish playing basketball, my sister made a shot which hit the rim, causing the ball to bounce hight, into the neighbors backyard. We went over to the neighbors house about three times to retrieve the ball. I guess their doorbell wasn't working. But on the last try, my cousin and sister knocked on the door and a man answered it. After the man gave them the ball, the man said "thank-you." Lol, "thank-you" for what? AHAHA. Yeah, our day pasted by very fast. We didn't do anything fun till we had a BBQ in the backyard. We even cooked smores! Haha, we were all craving it. But our smores making didn't go out to good. We had two grills going on which none keeped a running flame. haha, it sucked so much that as the marshmellow finally caught on fire and burned the marshmellow, I quickly put it on my gramcrackers with milk chocolate on top and squished it together. My gram crackers broke and the milk chocolate didn't even melt! Ughh, I guess It only works during camping with the spirt of the outdoors. lol...we were worried that we wouldn't have that much smore condiments for everyone, but we did because of the useless flame. Haha...well toward the end of the night, the whole family, not including the old adults, except my mom, played Uno. The game lasted from 11-1 in the morning. Our games always last for hours, I guess because as someone gets an "uno" we get together an gang up on that person. Haha, I think we missed the part of the rules which is "to not talk." lol. Well that was pretty much our first day of our 4th of July weekend. We plan to go to Pismo beach for the fireworks. I love the beach! Its going tobe awsome! Can't wait!;) whoooooooooo-;)

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