Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Highlights of My Week

Damn, I didn't get to update my 4th of July Weekend post.;( Ohh well! But I'll share some of my highlights with you guys.

First, we left families house in Oxnard, Ca on Sunday, July 5 around 10 at night. I was prepared for the long drive ahead of us. But what I wasn't prepared for was my car sickness. I don't know why I got car sick, I love road trips! I guess because I was still wearing my old prescriptioned glasses. Yeah, my headache was so bad that I was about to rip my hairs out! I felt like throwing up. I tried going to sleep but the roads were so whindy, plus the roads were so bumpy. Finally I feel asleep within an hour into our drive home and didn't wake-up til I got home 4 in the morning. Then I had to wake-up again at 6 a.m for summer school.;( I was hella tired during school. But my day got better. I went shopping for my own t.v! Whoo! Haha, we went to like 5 electronic stores to finally find a t.v right for me!;) I got a 32' Samsung LCD HDTV. It pretty nice and cheap! I was surprised about the price. I only got it for almost $500. I acually wanted a 37' but it was expensive. As long as its Samsung, I'm all good! haha...yawp also I rearranged my room. It's a lot more roomy!;) kk, got to go now. I'm very sleep! kk bye!

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