Thursday, July 2, 2009

4th of July Weekend!

Hey girl!( inside joke) haha well anyways today we are going to my families house down in Oxnard, Ca, where we will be spending our 4th of July weekend. I'll be going with my mommy, daddy, sister, and cousin Gimarie! How exciting, right? We will be leaving in like couple of hrs. I can't wait!;) excited! I haven't seen them in like a year. [1min later] me: "gosh...shut up gimarie!" Gimarie: " ahah you shut up, don't be hating cuz your not having fun!" Chessy: "with a flashlight!" All: " hahah!" Anyways, lol, we are currently packing our bags. Omg, the girls have like a huge duffle full of they're xccessories and clothes. Damn girls. For me, I got a regular gym bag with my itouch, bathroom stuff, lots of underwear, and 2 cargo shorts. Ohh and I packed a lot of tight, white, baby t-shirts. Lol...thats how tight they are, you got to show them muscles. YADAYAMEEAN? Lol, eww nasty bay shit language! ohk, I'm like wasting my time just sitting here and doing nothing. I'm going to continue my packing, and find my damn car charger for my itouch. It would suck driving for 5 hrs and not have anything to listen too. Well I'll keep you guy's updated later for this whole 4th of July weekend. kk, bye for now!;)

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