Monday, August 31, 2009

Relay for Life 2009

On Saturday, I went to Relay for Life @ James Logan High School in Union City. This was my first Relay for Life and I really enjoyed myself! But it was really damn hot! When my friends and I got there, all we did was just sit under our canopy and watch otheres. But we chattered about our summer and caught up with since we didn't see eachother since summer started. That's all we did till the heat calmed down. When the weather was good and cool, we set up our tents and chairs, and relaxed. We threw around a football which turned to a game of football and played truth or dare which then turned into just "dare." My dare was to go into a tent and ask "if I could sleep with them tonight." Surprisingly, I did the dare to this one girl in my school. When I did my dare, she looked at me and smiled then said "no." haha atleast she took it nicely. Well anyways the sun then slowly started setting and we just jammed to my friends ukulele. We danced to the dj's music and then others start following. Lol, copy cats. The coolest thing we did was to sneak into the high school at midnight and play a game of "sardines." It was fun
and scary at the same time because there was barely no lights and the school was so damn big! There were stairs that lead to darkness. Ughh scary! Haha it was fun though just waiting until we were discovered and found by security or the staff. Our game then ended with a phone call from my friend saying that the staff was looking for us and that we needed to come back. Xerrine and I effin dipped! We ran for our lifes! It took us less than a minute to crawl under the gates and back on the field. Phewww... Crazy! Haha it's a story to tell to friends who didn't stay over to sleep. Uhhh....Oh yeah, we stayed up and watch the sun rise. But it wasn't easy. My friends were there to wake me up just incase I fell asleep. I kinda gave in and snoozed alittle. But had friends to wake the shit out of me. Lol...most of us became crazy and started shouting out random crap and played with marde gra beads we recieved from the laps we ran and walk earlier. To wake our shits up, we played stupid games we made up like raced in our sleeping bags and ran I to eachother with our sleeping bags. It was actually kinda fun! It did the job though. We stayed up till 9:00 in the morning. This was my first time watching the sun rise from behind the mountains and staying up all night! Crazy sauce! Haha...never heard that in a long time.:) Well my friend Eric and I packed our stuff and put it in the car. I'm glad we didn't have a tent, I would have been lazy to put everything together. Haha planning to sleep outside in the cold was good idea! Hehe well anyways, once we were driving home, I was already falling asleep and had the terrible cases of what i like to call the "rockstar." lol it's when your falling asleep and your head starts falling down and then up in a repetative motion, having the effect of a rock person going crazy on stage. Get what I'm saying? Kk good...well once I got home, I turned on the tv and fell asleep the whole day for 9 hours, and went to my families new house in San Jose. Not to far from their old house. But it really nice because it's in the hills and you can see the sunset. Lol I plan to buy a longboard soon and start ripping the th roads. Hey, I think I know what I want for my birthday next month which is starting tomorrow. Yeee! Well anyways, i had fun at Relay for Life. It was great to see how many people were there to support people with cancer. I hope to do this again soon. Maybe with my own team. Haha ok well sorry if this blog seems so unorganized. I wish I could tell you more in detail but I'm still kinda tired and feel hecka lazy. I just want this blog to be out there. Well I've been holding my pee for about 30 min within typing his blog. Kk see yah later, alligator!

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Te Mau Tamari’i A Tiare / Na Kamali’i A Kiele

Omg! What the he'll! I spent about an hr to write this blog and it was all erased! Damn, I have to start all over. Kk i should stop complaining and get back to work

So yesterday, my cousin, sister and I went to my Aunty Kristine's hula and tahiti performance down at St. Mary's Cathedral in San Francisco. It was beautiful to watch. You know me! I'm all about Hawaiian!:) but our adventure didn't start there, but on our way there.

Gimarie, chessy, and I took union city bart to SF around 3:35pm and got there about around 4. When we got outside, it was freezing cold! I was only wearing jeans, vans, and a white v-neck undershirt. Bad idea, I know. But once we got moving, Gimarie was already trippin. She thought that we were going to get lost. But we didn't, we just headed the wrong direction. Eventually we got back on the right path and it was smooth sailing from there. On our way there, we passed by the city hall, asian museum, University of california, and other things you would see in SF. It was cool to see till we went through the ghetto. This is where we found homeless people, ghetto people, and prostitutes! Ewe how weird. Lol it was scary to see. But we survived. We learned to keep our heads between our crotches and walk. Haha talented huh? Lol but when we finally got there after a 23 min walk on leveled and incline roads, we were releaved to find Aunty Kristine and her friend Aunty Emily. I was also happy to find food such as nachos, hot dogs, spam musubi, school kine cookies, and Hawaiian desserts. My cousin Gimarie was grubben on food.:) About an hour has passes till the doors finally opened because my Aunty Kristine said that Kumu was crying with tears of happiness. nice! By the time the lights dimed and the colorful lights filled the room. I was already on the edge of my seat ready to watch the performance. The room was filled with so many people who cheered for they're loved ones as they performed. There was so much love and spirit that night, that I was about to jump up and dance myself.:) towards the end of the night we packed up and headed out. Gimarie, chessy, and I went to aunty kristine's car and put the stuff in the trunk. Then I went back to the church and got the mirror and my favorite little cousin, Angeline. I walked her to the car and got her seated in her carseat and closed the door to put the mirror in the trunk. While I was fixing the trunk to make room for the mirror, Gimarie trys to be funny and screams at Angeline. Angeline then starts balling in tears. I then, as the responsible one, try calming her down and eventually got her to stop after 2 mins of crying. I was releaved she stopped crying before her mommy came hoping that she would find out. But amazingly, Angeline tells her mom and starts laughing. But my aunty didn't care I guess. It was harmless. So we got out things together and start driving home. We were stuck in traffic for while so we all talked about the night and family and headed to In n' out to grab some grub, but for my aunty. Haha she was starving! She ate her animal style fries with her hands while Gimarie held it for her as she drove to drop us off at my house. We got home at 12:30am and ate dinner later. After dinner, Gimarie packed her belongings and we got I my car and headed to her houses, in Milpitas, to drop her off home. On our way there, past through the residential area, about 200 ft away from my house, we pasted by a big, fat possum who was infront of us and didn't bother to stop and walked across the street. Luckly I didn't hit it, but Gimarie and I were like grossed out and we were talking about how ugly possums are then about 50 ft whithin my drive another possum popped out from the dark, infront and toward my car. I swearer out of the way hoping not to run over it. Gimarie and I were screaming our heads off. My heart was racing! We almost had a heart attack! Ughhh I hate possums! Lol that got us going to our one-on-one conversation. Finally, we got to her house in only 15-20min. I siad by to her, gave her a hug, and drove back home. I was craving something to drink so I looked at the time and it was 1:15am. So I was wondering what stores were open at that time, and I was like " In n' out!" Lol I grabbed a strawberry milk shake which Gimarie got earlier when we went to In n' Out. Then I headed home. I got home almost 2 am. I was very tired so I bruses my teeth, changed into basketball shorts and went to sleep. I didn't wake up till 11 something. My schedule today is to go back school shopping and go to my friend, Maridel's house to make costumes for our freshman orientation. So I'll be going now, I smell home cookin! Mhmmmm!

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

I'm on top of the WORLD!

Today was such a wonderful day!;) There was such much things that happened today! First I'll start from the time I woke up, which was 5:00 am. My best buddy Eric and I climb Mission Peak. Damn, was it tiring! Our hike started around 6:45 in the morning and ended around 11:00 am. Normal, it takes about a 2 hour hike all the way to the top of Mission Peak, but as athletic as Eric and I, it only took us about an hr and 40 min with only two breaks. By the time I got to the top, my vneck, baby tee, white undershirt was drentched in sweat. This was my first time going to the top of Mission Peak. Having to finish the hike with blood, sweat and tears, it was very rewarding to actually stand litarally "on top of the world." The scenery was beautiful, except the dead grass, lol. But the view of the different parts of the bay area was fantastic. It was amazing how we were right above the blankets of fog, yet even above the helicopter that hovered by. I can't really describe the feeling I had up there. It really made me open my eyes to the world, and how life is taken for granted. Eric and I met a nice old man at the top of Mission Peak. He told us that he hiked Mission Peak since 1968! Damn, long before any of us were even born. But the one thing that surprised me was that to this very day, he still hikes this trail. Even though he is like, I would say, around his late 70. He must have been in the military. Lol, someday when I'm old, I hope to be still fit as I'am today.;) So anyways, Eric and I stayed at the top for a bit and waited till the sun came out and waited for the fog or clouds to clear away, which didn't really happen, so I guess we were standing above the clouds. I'm guess the clouds were low. But any who...we took some picture and headed back down the trail and drove home. It took us about an hour to hike all the way back down.

Three hours later......
I picked up my sister around 1:00 pm from her school because she had web training for the 7th grade orientation. But yeah...when we got home, she asked me what was there to eat. I told her there was left over food from last night. So she warmed up the meal we had last night which was Tortilias. She asked me how much to warm it up and I replied "20 sec." My sister than asked "really, are you sure?" I was like "uhh, duh?" Haha, so she warms it up. I was looking at the pictures from my hike from Mission Peak, then all of a sudden, I hear my sister say, "oh shoot!" I then begin to smell burning, which smelt simliar to burnt popcorn. When my sister opened the microwave, smoke started coming out. The smoke was so thick, that it covered half of the kitchen! As my commen sence kicked in, I quickly grabed a plate mat and picked up the burning tortilias and placed it outside in the backyard. My sister and I open the front door, turned on the fan, lit the candles, and sprayed air freshener. I asked my sister how long she microwaved the tortilias and she said "8 mins." I'm like in "what the heck mode," and start cracken my ass off. If you had common sence, you wouldn't microwave something of that type of food that long. I mean, she thought I said "20 min" but still, atleast stop an think about what your doing. So my sister and I just stand and looked at the burnt tortilias and the melted tortilia bowl and wondered what to do next. She was still scared from what happened so I cooked her soup. She finally settled down, ate her soup and fell asleep.

Another three hours later......
Around 4:40, I picked up my best friend Maridel from her house and went to our high school for "Link" training. As former Link Leaders....we already knew what was coming ahead, bordum. But we compensated and just hang and fooled around with friends. After our training was finished at 9:00 pm, we all decided to hang out at YOSWIRL and ate frozen yogurt. My other best buddy, Neland, wasn't there so I didn't get free yogurt as usual. But it was ok, I only payed $4.45. When everyone got they're yogurts, we all headed to my landrover, and ate our yogurt. While listening to my ipod, Maridel pulls out a joke and tells everyone, "you know Gifford isn't a virgin?" Everyone in the car then GASPED. But then Maridel started blabbering who, what, where, when, and why; and got everyone in the car to believe I wasn't a virgin, which isn't true.:( anyways my friend Xerrine said "Gifford, I can't believe you got pussy before me!" I started bursting into laughs. He was the only one to actually believe in this lie while everyone in the car already sort of knew Maridel was just lying. So I ended that conversation of me "not" being a virgin, and dropped my friends back home. When I got home, Xerrine calls me to "spill the beans," so I did. I told him the fake dirt story of what happened, while Maridel was still on the other line. She heard everything, and once Xerrine hanged up, Maridel and I talked a bit and talked about how we are going to tell everyone the truth tomorrow night when we are at Calavaras Hills, where you can see across Oakland and other parts of the bay area. HAHA....I CAN'T WAIT! ROFL...It's going to be good!

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Ohh my gosh! Well, today coming home from Santana Row with family and going to family friends house, my cousin Raymund and I decided to go to Luckys to buy my hair gel because I ran out and I need it for tomorrows Senior Picture. But yeah, after coming back from the store, my aunty goes "where did you guys go?" Raymund jokingly says "oh, Gifford went to buy Condoms." Then my aunty also jokes around and says to my mom, "ewww, Gifford went to buy condoms!" My mom then replys, "Gifford, you don't need a condom for your finger." My cousin Raymund and I were bursting in tears. Oh gosh...I can't believe my mom said that lol. I never knew she had such language! She is too comfortable around me. LOl, she thinks she like one of the guys or something. Haha, but its all cool, I'll get back at her.;)

Ice skating was a fun day with family. We went ice skating @ Sharks Ice in Fremont. Lol...we had to be dropped off by my lovely mother because my Land Rover is in the shop, AGAIN. Motherfawwk! I feel such a FedEx Kid. Rofl, "mommy take me here, take me there." Oh gosh. But anyways...yeah, I got a lot of laughs falling and seeing cousins fall as well. I only fell once because I was trying to twirl like a figure skater. Lol how gay right? No... I was just trying to copy these two little cute Asian girls who were hella good at figure skating. My lovely cousin Gimarie and I were like "omg!" [mouths dropped] haha...the most funniest thing during ice skating with fam was when my other cousin Nina fell, TWICE! Rofl the first time she fell was when she wanted her picture taken while trying to look all spontaneous. It was spontaneous alright, right when her butt ate the ice. I was like "is the zambonne out already?" haha. But the second fall was the funniest. It was my sister, Gimarie, Nina, and I. We were all grouped up in the middle taking pictures like freaks when all of a sudden my cousin Nina tried to push me off my skates. I did stummble alittle but did not fall, lol sucker! But you know who did? The same person who tried to push me, my cousin Nina. She falls straight on her flat ass, literally. She has no ass. Haha... But she was like in mid air for like a good 15 inches off the ground. Haha karma sucks huh Nina? Lol but her fall was the loudest of them all. It sounded like it hurt, but no shit, it's solid ice.:) Our day ends @ 9:45pm with nothing but swore and sweaty feet, and never the least, our dignity lefted on the ice. We got some bumps and bruses before we left, but what do you expect? All i can say is that I ain't going ice skating for awhile. But all-n-all, I really enjoyed myself trying to reteach myself how to ice skate being that I haven't gone since elementary school. [yawn] oh gosh my cousin Gimarie is snoring, well gots to go now, I'am very pooped. Good night y'all!

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Sunday, August 9, 2009

The beach, the beach, you bietch! my family and cousins went to Carmel Beach, CA today! Ahh, it was fun! I love the beach so much. There is nothing like the sun shining on your face, the smell and swells of the ocean, the warm sand between your toes, and occasionally having sand down your pants, causing chafing which I like to call "Big-boy Rash." But that didn't bother me. Being outdoors is what I love the most more than anything. If I was left on an island, I'd actually wouldn't want to be saved or found. To me, being outdoor and in the presents of mother nature, is an indescrible feeling. It's that feeling of being care-free and that nothing in this world matters but you and the outdoors. Hopefully, one day, I would meet that special someone that shares the same interests as me.;) Anyways, enough about my desires, lets get back to where it all began, 3:15 A.M.

I woke up about 3:15 because my lower back was hurting. I thought about staying up til my cousins came but I was sleepy. So before I knew it, I was already asleep. About 5:00 A.M, I was woken by doors slamming outside my bedroom window. Then I hear the doorbell ring. My cousin then started ringing the bell faster and faster. It was like she was having a seizure or something. LMAO. But yeah, somehow I managed to go through the dark hallway, down the two flights of stairs, into the dark first floor of my house and to the front door. At this point, I'm somewhat awake but as I open the door, I see my cousins giggling. In my mind I was scared because at first I didn't recognize them, because the light was so dim. "Omg? what happen if it wasn't really them?" scary! I didn't even check outside the window if it was really them. LOl, whateves. Whats said is done. Anyways, I open the door for them and we all hanged out and ate breakfast. Til the time it was time to leave, I was packing my clothes. I noticed that I was the only one packing clothes and asked why. I found out, I was the only person that was actually swimming in the ocean. "Ok, who goes to the beach without even going in the ocean?" Yeah, I know. "The heck?" I was pretty bumb out that I was going to be the only one to go in the ocean. But I secretly packed extra clothes because I was going to force my cousin to go in with me. Muahah....[2min later] thinking what to write.....Kk got it! Around sevenish, we finally started heading out the door because we had complications with the seats in the back because it would fold up. But we finally got it and started driving off. I was the one to drive with my cousins and family in the back. I had the directions in my head and was familiar with the roads because I had some tennis tournaments down there. Ohh and the help of my cousins Iphone. That shit really comes in hand because as we got to the actually city, we go lost. But we managed to get back and got to the beach in about and hour or so. I remember the smell of the air being so vivid and distinct. Lol, well duh, its sea water SILLY! So we grab our belongings walk down the
<<<<<steap sand hill thingy, and settled down. We walk around the beach and injoyed our surroundings. I grabed the frisbee and start throwing it around. We played catch and then I made it very interesting. I climbed half way up the sand hill thingy and launched that sucker down the the beach, where my aunty, cousins, and sister were waiting and trying the catch it. They didn't succeed. Hahah...we then stared taking pictures with the new camera. We possed like freaks and played around in the ocean. DAMN...the water was cold! FREEZING COLD! But that didn't stop me from swimming in it. So about and hour or so, I convinced my cousin to go in with me, too my surprise, he did. But it took some hours of convincing to get him through him. Anyways, once we got into the water, we maned up, on jumped into the freezing cold water. It was damn fridgen cold! The waves were big! lol...and they hurt! I remember standing right next to my cousin and we were waiting for another big wave. When we did, we faced the beach and tightened our muscles and waited til the wave hit us. Once it hit me, I jolt forward try to hold my ground. After the wave crashed and settled, I found that my cousin wasn't next to me any more, but was washed up on the shore like a fish. LOL! I was like "woah!" He was pushed more than 7 feet. I was laughing my ass off! I wanted more action so I swam out further away from my cousin, to where you couldn't touch the ground. I remember my sister and mommy telling me not to go out to far. Lol....I'm a big boy now, kk? But ohh man....THE WAVES WHERE BIGGER! I was hit in the back of the head as the waves broke, and even thrown around. I took some hard hits, but it was all fun, especially riding those big waves back to shore. Lol...the waves are so big, that my cousins swimming shorts almost came off TWICE which you can see his butt crack. LOl, his back side faced the beach where his butt was debute to everyone. NOW THAT WAS THE FUNNIEST SHIT! NO LIE! ROFL, But our fun stopped shorty after my cousin and I took a hard wave causing me to scrap my knee and my cousin doing a front flip making a big scrap on his face. OUCH! sucks for him. LOL...he tells me that when ever I do something crazy, he's always the one paying for it. Lol...HANG WITH ME AT YOUR ON RISK. Rofl! But it was all good, we had fun!

So after everyone got cleaned up, we left the beach and head to the shopping center where my sister and cousin got new underwear because the got wet while playing on the beach. They are so dumb for not packing extra clothes when going to the beach. Really? Don't you guys have common sence? HAha Dorks! Well we they shopped a little and I just tagged along. When we were done shopping, we went to find everyone to regroup and go out to "Old Fishermans Wharf" to eat. My cousin Nina and I then found her brother Raymund sleeping outside on the chair. LMAO! I wonder what people thought of him as they passed by? Haha! Well, we woke him up, got regrouped and head to "Old Fishermans Wharf."

When we got there, I started reminising. I remember coming here when I was little and that little monkey I'd always see. But today, there was no monkey. I guess it died or something. We walked around and looked at the view. It was pretty! I forgot where we ate at but it was like an Italian resturant. It had a very nice view of the ocean and the boat docks. Food was delish! I got what was called "LINGUINI SHELLFISH." Oh man! Hella seafoody, which I love! haha. Everyone loved they're food. I know that I did!;) Much love to those people who made my food. But I was bumbed out I didn't eat they're "Clam Chowder," which everyone knows that Monteray is the place to go to get clam chowder. NO QUESTIONS ASKED! Haha, I can't believe I was full! Grrrr! Oh well, I got lots of my summer to spend before school starts in September. Well, after we were done eating, we headed to the car. On our way to the car, I heard a boats horn which went "Bwonggg!" Then out of no where, my cousin Raymund went, "bwongg-bong...bwonggg, the king is coming, the king is coming!" ROFL...I start cracking my ass off! LMFAO! It was so nerdy! Hahah, he's such a dork when it comes to these moments. LOl, so random. We then finally got to my hot leathered Land Rover and drove home. I fell asleep hella fast! I was so tired, but it was only like 4 in the afternoon! The day felt hella longer than it seemed! It felt like I was at the beach yesterday. The car ride home was pleasant. I slept through the whole way. But I almost had a whip-flash cause I had nothing to lay my head on except the head rest. Guess...I sat in the middle.

The day then ended when we got home, where almost everyone, except the girls, fell asleep. My cousin and I fell asleep on the floor, because we were tired and dirty. *Whink*whink. ;) Haha, over all, I really injoyed myself and I hope that everyone did as well. Well I have nothing much to say anymore because its 2 in the morning and I'm tired! OH hey, I don't have summer school tomorrow. Forgot I finished summer school. COOL....Well anyways we took 300+ something pictures. But I ain't going to post them up. Rofl srry! Later

Saturday, August 8, 2009

New Camera

Just last night my sister got her dream camera, the infamous NIKON D5000. Oh, cost jajajajaj MUCH! I'm talking about like a birthday gift for the next 2 years and so on. But, takes some pretty nice pics. It made me think. Could I fall into one of my short time interest/hobbies. Well, mayybee?!? But my sister and I played with that camera all night and today as well. I can't get over how close it comes to an actually professional camera. I'm not a camera whiz but an average professional cameras megapixel ranges from 34.0 and up. Ours is 12. somthing. lol, still good for an average $800 + camera. Haha, opps gave out the price, lol. OHH YEAH, my family and I are going to the beach tomorrow morning, around 6:00 at Carmel, CA. I can't wait to use my sisters camera and especially swimming in the ocean.:) I'll have photos posted soon, I have to mark it with copyright so no one will steal my shit. KK thanks. later!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

I'm hella JUICED!

Summer school is officially over! I just ended like an hour ago. But man, it felt geewwd!;) All I did on my last day of summer school is play card games with friends. It sure made time fly hella fast. I'M HELLA JUICED! Ughh...I can't get over the fact that my summer has officially started for me! It didn't hit me til now! lol, it makes me want to like run naked around the neighborhood! Rofl, highlight of my day so far was on my way home with my friend, HONEY. She is such a funny person. Well, on our way home, we were talking about the movie "Marley and Me," how it was such a sad movie. I wish I had a dog.;( But like, yeah, the topic then suddently changed into hampsters. She talked about how she used to have two hampsters, one female and one male, back in elementary school. In my head I was like "OMG! I HAVE TWO HAMPSTERS TOO!" Well one now, since my other hampster died.;( But, anyways, Honey talked about how her hampsters had seven little pups and how her mind was still in the beginning stages of adolescences. Hahah....she was like "yeah I remember how I thought the mother hampster was cleaning the little pups but she was actually eating them." I was like "what the hell?" Then she told me that she searched up if hampsters really eat there babies. OMG! AND THEY DO! Because if a human touches or carries the pups. The hampster can smell the human scent which makes them mistaken the there pups as humans. How stupid right? Lol...She goes on tell her hampster story and then suddently gets disgusted and starts squealing. ROFL....I start laughing my ass off. Then I told her my story about my hampster and how it died.

So like, first of all, the hampster isn't my responsibility. It's my sisters. So like couple days after my sister and cousin buried it in the backyard, we decided one day we would revisit it with my other cousins, and that one day we did. When we went to the backyard to see Mochi's grave, we found a big hole where Mochi was buried. MOCHI WAS GONE! Our mouths dropped with disbelief. In a crude, mean way...we started laughing. I know its not funny but its those times where your in disbelief and all you can do is laugh. lol...bad, i know. But yeah, prob the stray cats in our backyard dug up Mochi and ate it. Gross! But like each day we would find bits of Mochi's body appearing in the hole. From the legs, to the torso, and then the dismantled head. Rofl, when I reach too this part of the story to my friend Honey, she starts screaming! HELLA LOUD! Like scary loud! I kinda jolt in my seat, and almost slammed my breaks. Honey then hits me hella hard telling me to "shut-up" and starts screaming even louder and louder. Haha...I was freakin out! funny! I was like " your story about your hampsters is grosser than my hampster story." When I thought nothing can get any ended shortly by dropping her off home. Booo....I wish we had more time to laugh about this. Well thats all I got to say about my day so far. Oh my best friend MARIDEL came home yesterday from her 2 week trip to Germany. We could hang out now! lol...well natures calling. Got to drop the kids off to the pool. Later!;)