Thursday, August 20, 2009

I'm on top of the WORLD!

Today was such a wonderful day!;) There was such much things that happened today! First I'll start from the time I woke up, which was 5:00 am. My best buddy Eric and I climb Mission Peak. Damn, was it tiring! Our hike started around 6:45 in the morning and ended around 11:00 am. Normal, it takes about a 2 hour hike all the way to the top of Mission Peak, but as athletic as Eric and I, it only took us about an hr and 40 min with only two breaks. By the time I got to the top, my vneck, baby tee, white undershirt was drentched in sweat. This was my first time going to the top of Mission Peak. Having to finish the hike with blood, sweat and tears, it was very rewarding to actually stand litarally "on top of the world." The scenery was beautiful, except the dead grass, lol. But the view of the different parts of the bay area was fantastic. It was amazing how we were right above the blankets of fog, yet even above the helicopter that hovered by. I can't really describe the feeling I had up there. It really made me open my eyes to the world, and how life is taken for granted. Eric and I met a nice old man at the top of Mission Peak. He told us that he hiked Mission Peak since 1968! Damn, long before any of us were even born. But the one thing that surprised me was that to this very day, he still hikes this trail. Even though he is like, I would say, around his late 70. He must have been in the military. Lol, someday when I'm old, I hope to be still fit as I'am today.;) So anyways, Eric and I stayed at the top for a bit and waited till the sun came out and waited for the fog or clouds to clear away, which didn't really happen, so I guess we were standing above the clouds. I'm guess the clouds were low. But any who...we took some picture and headed back down the trail and drove home. It took us about an hour to hike all the way back down.

Three hours later......
I picked up my sister around 1:00 pm from her school because she had web training for the 7th grade orientation. But yeah...when we got home, she asked me what was there to eat. I told her there was left over food from last night. So she warmed up the meal we had last night which was Tortilias. She asked me how much to warm it up and I replied "20 sec." My sister than asked "really, are you sure?" I was like "uhh, duh?" Haha, so she warms it up. I was looking at the pictures from my hike from Mission Peak, then all of a sudden, I hear my sister say, "oh shoot!" I then begin to smell burning, which smelt simliar to burnt popcorn. When my sister opened the microwave, smoke started coming out. The smoke was so thick, that it covered half of the kitchen! As my commen sence kicked in, I quickly grabed a plate mat and picked up the burning tortilias and placed it outside in the backyard. My sister and I open the front door, turned on the fan, lit the candles, and sprayed air freshener. I asked my sister how long she microwaved the tortilias and she said "8 mins." I'm like in "what the heck mode," and start cracken my ass off. If you had common sence, you wouldn't microwave something of that type of food that long. I mean, she thought I said "20 min" but still, atleast stop an think about what your doing. So my sister and I just stand and looked at the burnt tortilias and the melted tortilia bowl and wondered what to do next. She was still scared from what happened so I cooked her soup. She finally settled down, ate her soup and fell asleep.

Another three hours later......
Around 4:40, I picked up my best friend Maridel from her house and went to our high school for "Link" training. As former Link Leaders....we already knew what was coming ahead, bordum. But we compensated and just hang and fooled around with friends. After our training was finished at 9:00 pm, we all decided to hang out at YOSWIRL and ate frozen yogurt. My other best buddy, Neland, wasn't there so I didn't get free yogurt as usual. But it was ok, I only payed $4.45. When everyone got they're yogurts, we all headed to my landrover, and ate our yogurt. While listening to my ipod, Maridel pulls out a joke and tells everyone, "you know Gifford isn't a virgin?" Everyone in the car then GASPED. But then Maridel started blabbering who, what, where, when, and why; and got everyone in the car to believe I wasn't a virgin, which isn't true.:( anyways my friend Xerrine said "Gifford, I can't believe you got pussy before me!" I started bursting into laughs. He was the only one to actually believe in this lie while everyone in the car already sort of knew Maridel was just lying. So I ended that conversation of me "not" being a virgin, and dropped my friends back home. When I got home, Xerrine calls me to "spill the beans," so I did. I told him the fake dirt story of what happened, while Maridel was still on the other line. She heard everything, and once Xerrine hanged up, Maridel and I talked a bit and talked about how we are going to tell everyone the truth tomorrow night when we are at Calavaras Hills, where you can see across Oakland and other parts of the bay area. HAHA....I CAN'T WAIT! ROFL...It's going to be good!

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