Sunday, August 16, 2009

Ice skating was a fun day with family. We went ice skating @ Sharks Ice in Fremont. Lol...we had to be dropped off by my lovely mother because my Land Rover is in the shop, AGAIN. Motherfawwk! I feel such a FedEx Kid. Rofl, "mommy take me here, take me there." Oh gosh. But anyways...yeah, I got a lot of laughs falling and seeing cousins fall as well. I only fell once because I was trying to twirl like a figure skater. Lol how gay right? No... I was just trying to copy these two little cute Asian girls who were hella good at figure skating. My lovely cousin Gimarie and I were like "omg!" [mouths dropped] haha...the most funniest thing during ice skating with fam was when my other cousin Nina fell, TWICE! Rofl the first time she fell was when she wanted her picture taken while trying to look all spontaneous. It was spontaneous alright, right when her butt ate the ice. I was like "is the zambonne out already?" haha. But the second fall was the funniest. It was my sister, Gimarie, Nina, and I. We were all grouped up in the middle taking pictures like freaks when all of a sudden my cousin Nina tried to push me off my skates. I did stummble alittle but did not fall, lol sucker! But you know who did? The same person who tried to push me, my cousin Nina. She falls straight on her flat ass, literally. She has no ass. Haha... But she was like in mid air for like a good 15 inches off the ground. Haha karma sucks huh Nina? Lol but her fall was the loudest of them all. It sounded like it hurt, but no shit, it's solid ice.:) Our day ends @ 9:45pm with nothing but swore and sweaty feet, and never the least, our dignity lefted on the ice. We got some bumps and bruses before we left, but what do you expect? All i can say is that I ain't going ice skating for awhile. But all-n-all, I really enjoyed myself trying to reteach myself how to ice skate being that I haven't gone since elementary school. [yawn] oh gosh my cousin Gimarie is snoring, well gots to go now, I'am very pooped. Good night y'all!

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