Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Effin finally! I'm finally a Senior today! Class of "one-ohh" yuhh know, you f**ken ho! Haha, sorry just had to say that. I'm just so excited for this year! Hella pumped! I'm happy with my classes so far, especially my ROP class, sports therapy. Which is my future career. I already learned how to tap an injured wrist. Lol...I'm expecting this class to be easy since I took anatomy last year and now taking Adv. Anatomy. I'm also excited for our internships that is going to start in Feb. 2010. I'll keep you posted for that. But today was also hecktic. Since ROP is off-campus, and that I have it after lunch, I had to rush to there because my friends were worried that they wouldn't get NURSING ASSISTANT since the class is limited to a number of students. This also made me worried because sports therapy means everything to me. This is going to be my future career! So on out way there, I was speeding through the streets as I got on the freeway. My friend Honey was scared to death! Haha she was all in my back seat, scrunched into a ball and was eating her sandwich. Haha, I was really rushed that I wasn't thinking of where to exit. So I accidentally exited the one before the exit to ROP. But it wasn't hard to take back roads to get there. It onlyt took about 10 min. We finally make it. I dropped off Honey and Maridel at the front and went to find parking. I speed into the parking lot and swearved into a parking space. You could hear the tires lose tracsion as I turn into the parking space. I hopped out of my car, got my back pack, and went into the ROP building. As I got in the building, I was amazed of how it looked like inside. I felt like I was at work rather than school. Then that focus I had in that building suddently changed as I looked at the bottom of my shoe. There was gum under it. Ughhh! How could this be! It was so nasty and annoying! I had to go to the bathroom to clean it. But I couldn't remove all of it. So as I walked up to my classroom on the second floor. I could hear the stickiness of my shoe as I walk. Hella annoying! But I manage to get to my class on time. The teacher was nice. She went over all we needed to know about sports therapy. Ohh I even have one of my elementary friend that I haven't seen since elementary school. How cool, he really changed. I would say he got taller and a lot stronger. It was cool to see him though. He hasn't changed a bit though. Well after class ended, I met up with friends and asked eachother how our classes was. Everyone seemed to bewas happy they're class. After that, we split up and and went homeWith Maridel and Honey. I was hungry, and hadn't have lunch yet, so we went to Wingstop. As we waited for our orders, I took the time to twitter that I was at Wingstop with Maridel and Honey. Then as we were eating, other of our friends walked through the door. I was like "you guys got my Twitter huh?" haha, they were all trying to deny it and stuff, but they finally confessed. But yeah we just chilled, talked, eat, and went home. I dropped of Maridel home and back to my house. I told my sister about my classes, changed, and went to take a nap on my bed. I then woke up sweating cuz it was so damn hot today and went school supply shopping with sister and mom. We got binders and stuff. Lol you know...stuff.:). But when we were a block away from our house, I forgot to tell my mom that we had to go buy tortillias for dinner tonight. But she was lazy, so I had to drive to the grocery store with my sister. I speeded to and from the grocery. So we ate dinner, got a call from Cassie, brushed my teeth, and currently iced my neck. It really hurts! I think I slept hella wrong. Lol, but anyways, it's getting hella late and I got school tomorrow. So I'll get on my way to bed now. Late.
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