Friday, January 1, 2010

Fuck you 2009, hello 2010!

So its been awhile since I last blogged. But hey, a new year has started and I'm excited for the future ahead. I'll be graduating soon and hopefully get accepted to the colleges I applied for. I already got rejected to one but I have more colleges I applied too. I guess it's they're lost. Lol, well I'ma keep this blog short till next time. Oh yeah, did I tell you I got a new iphone? Yes sir, I did last night.:) This is where I'm going to do on-the-go blogging which is going to be easy on me since I'm barely at the computer sometimes. Well...I guess I'm going to head out now. I'm going to go eat, play videogames, and stay up the whole day!:) HAPPY NEW YEARS EVERYONE!

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