Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Update in like...forever

Ahhhh ahhh.....choooo! Darn allergies! My eyes are itchy, my nose is stuffy, my ears are ringing; what the butt is even itchy! Must be me settling into Livermore. I just moved last weekend. But man, am I tired. It was a hecktic week last weekend. Had to get in the last stuff into boxes and then into the truck. I had to drive back-n-forth through niles canyon from the aftertoon to the early mornings of 3:00am. It is scary to drive there at night, especially when your constantly thinking about the white witch. But it's such a beautiful place when you drive there during the day. Peaceful when your alone listening to country music. I like me my Zack Brown Band:) I'm not ashamed to like country music, I don't understand why some hate country. I guess they just don't know good music.

Anyways, since the move, I've unloaded my stuff from the boxes (well trying atleast), sitting around, and waiting on my parents to finish up with the rest. Senioritis has hit me and I don't feeling like doing shit (excuse my language). But now I have to drive 30min to school and home...which I don't mind in the morning, but in the afternoon, it gets a little traffic since part of the roads are one way. But Livermore is great...yet, still waiting to be explored. Oh yeah, I got accepted to University of Oregon! Which I will be attending in the Fall of 2010. Go Ducks! I'll be majoring in Human Physiology. I plan to be an athletic trainer but still debating to become a sports medicine physician but that would mean Id have to change my major to English and go to school even longer. But that can hopefully be decided during my GED.

Well what I really want to talk about in this blog is about my experience today in the operating room. My friend and I got to observe surgery at Washington hospital. It was great! We were actually part of the action! But not doing it of course. It was very interesting to watch. We got to see two surgerys both dealing with Total Hip Replacement. In the surgery, we saw the doctor cut the head of the femur (the top of your thigh bone), and look up closely at the femur as he drilled and pounded away at the bone. The one thing that disgusted me was how the doctor used a type of instrument that burned and cut away the muscle which gave off a cooking smell that smelled like meat when u cook it. Gross! But still a great experience. It was cool of the doctor and the rest of his crew to talk to us and educated while doing the surgery. They even cracked some jokes along the way. We are one of the few and the rest of my adv. anatomy class to see live surgery. I know this could be the first and last time that we get to incounter live surgery but who knows, probably I might be a surgen or atleast a physician assistant.

Got to blow my nose now...see yah later until next time:)

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