Friday, July 9, 2010

New Laptop!

Hello from my new Apple Macbook Pro! I got her on 4th of July for the college student discount sale along with a free ipod touch, which I gave to my sister, and a free Hp printer! I'm loving this thing so much that I've been on her for so long. Wink*wink*....hahah! Yes, I am actually college bound this coming Fall of 2010 at the University of Oregon. GO DUCKS! I'm currently majoring in Human Physiology but plan to change it to Marine Biology because I'm thinking of going to Med School in the near future knowing that Med School look for well-rounded students and that I've been always facinated by marine life. This is something way different than what I want to do, which is to be a Sports Medicine Physician. Why go through college doing something you're not interested in? But I also feel that this major would best fit my aptitudes and interests along with the same goals of being a doctor in Sports Medicine. Summer so far has been boring. Nothing exciting has happened to be lately except moving to Livermore and having a new member in the family, a dog that is. Her name is Kiki. Shes a toy poodle and about 9 weeks old now. We got her when she was only 7 weeks, too young to be away from her mother and pack. I love her dispite the crying and pooing/peeing everywhere. Kiki has been bitting oftenly though, I need her to stop this habit before she hits her adult stage.

Again, I haven't been keeping up with blogging for awhile. But now I plan to start doing it often since I'm leaving for school this Fall and that my source of technology has improved with my Iphone and a new laptop. So I really have no excuse not to blog. So for now, it's bye 'til next time.

P.s I really need to make up some saying to end my blogs with. Something like what Rev Run does, "God is Love, Rev Run" Haha, meanwhile I'll take that in consideration.;)
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