Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! Yawp....Mother's Day was the bomb!;) Family and cuz-oos came over to my house today. All we did was just eat. Hahah....such fatties! lol, for Mother's Day I got my mom a big musical card which had the song " Girls just want to have fun." My mom loves that card! She constantly opens the card to hear the tune....dork;) But yeah....I was going to get my mom a gift but my dad said that he will let her choose out her gift. Wheres the surprise that comes with the gift? lol, exactly!;) But yeah, my whole family is addicted to this game on called "Farm Town." The whole object of the game is to just build and stock your farm. Boring? I guess you could say that but they were able to get me into playing it. Its actually pretty fun! Well that was my Mother's Day! School again tomorrow....ohhh pooo! Ohh well, I have "Physics Day" to look foward to this FRIDAY! YEAHHHH!

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