Saturday, May 2, 2009

Pacquiao vs. Hatton

I'm here in Tracy, with my family, watching the fight between Pacquiao and Hatton on t.v. What a great fight huh? I would like to congradulate Manny Pacquiao on a terrific fight against Ricky Hatton. Manny shows great dedication to the sport of boxing. My family even shows great dedication of watching Pacquiao fight! They were pretty pumped, especially my dad. He started immitating Hatton by punching his own face. Lol...funny guy!;) I was pretty amazed the fight only ended in 2 rounds, out of 12. Gosh, darn it.....I bidded on 11!;) Haha...but I'm happy none of my family won any money since everyone bidded on more than 6 rounds. Lol, anyways...its kinda funny waiting the whole day to watch a fight that apparently ends in just matter of minutes. But all-in-all, it was a great fight! I'm currently running out of patients because I'm hungry and the fact that my cousin is on my back making fun of me because I'm blogging not bloggin. Whats the difference? Bloggers have no life right? Rofl...jk, its for cool people!

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